HNMUN Latin America

In 2012, HNMUN Latin America took HNMUN’s tradition of excellence to a new level with a brand-new conference hosted in Buenos Aires, Argentina and filled with numerous innovations designed to enhance the delegate experience. This year, HNMUN-LA is thrilled to bring a fourth session to Universidad del Pacífico in Lima, Peru from in January 2015. Throughout the conference, delegates will gain insight into the workings of the United Nations by actively participating in the resolution of important global issues. Participants will not only work with hundreds of other motivated college students with the common goals of furthering international awareness and building consensus, but will also work within a lively social setting.

True to the mission of the United Nations as declared in its 1945 charter, HNMUN-LA serves as a forum in which students from colleges and universities around the world can meet to discuss the greatest challenges facing the world today, in fields ranging from international peace and security to economic and social progress and human rights. In this spirit, the goal of HNMUN-LA is to begin a process whereby constructive debate today can lead to solutions tomorrow.

For more information on HNMUN-LA and how to get involved, either as a delegate or a staffer, please visit the HNMUN-LA website.

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