HMUN India

Harvard Model UN India is an exciting initiative which converges the future generations from across the world in India whose success will be crucial for everyone, especially to all those who believe in democratic principles, human rights and free and fair trade. There are very few places on this planet where the interplay between paradoxes presents itself as a perfect backdrop for an animated, argumentative conference by young people with an agenda to discuss, deliberate and solve some of the pressing issues affecting the world today. HMUN India 2013 surpassed the level of interaction from the previous years, bringing together more than 1300 high school students from over 130 schools across 28 cities and towns in India and over 8 countries worldwide.

True to the spirit of the UN, founded in 1945, HMUN India strives to foster a constructive forum for open dialogue on complex global issues, including international peace and security and economic and social progress. HMUN India stresses the in-depth examination and resolution of pressing issues, emphasizing process over product. During the conference, students learn the importance of balancing national interests with the needs of the international community, while also learning about the powers and limitations of international negotiation. Delegates preserve their countries’ national policy while negotiating in the face of other, sometimes conflicting, international policies.

For more information on HMUN India and how to get involved, either as a delegate or a staffer, please visit the HMUN India website.

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