Model UN

Model UN is a type of public speaking and international affairs competition in which students convene over the course of a weekend to debate and write documents to address specific international or historical issues.

Model UN committees range in size, from large General Assembly bodies simulating assemblies (e.g. the Disarmament and Security Council) to medium-sized Economic and Social Councils (e.g. UNESCO) to extremely small, specialized committees (e.g. the UN Security Council). Committees can be set in modern day or in the past. Though still called Model UN simulations, some committees do not simulate the UN. HMUN and HNMUN, the two Boston conferences hosted by the IRC, have run simulations as diverse as a present-day ASEAN summit, the Berlin Conference of 1884, and the Cambodian Cabinet of 1970.

The IRC has three separate Model UN programs, as well as a recruitment program and several international sub-programs:

Harvard Intercollegiate Model United Nations Harvard Model United Nations Harvard National Model United Nations

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