Social Impact Board

The Social Impact Board oversees the social impact work done by all organizations within the IRC, with a mandate to “to investigate how the IRC may develop projects, partnerships, and other endeavors conducive to enhancing the social and humanitarian impact of the IRC.” The Boards strives to turn the general aspiration to ‘make the world a better place’ into real impact. Some our work and goals for this year are to work directly with the United Nations and the DPI/NGO Youth Representative Programs, to lay the groundwork for an IRC Policy Program, to bring together IR organizations on campus, and to compile an institutional memory of social impact in in the IRC in order to ensure accountability and continuity for impactful engagement in future years.

Samantha Luce (Co-Chief)
Rohan Pidaparti (Co-Chief)
Justine Ferry
Hugo Yen
Gretchen Dougherty
Yingxian Guo
Andrew Chang
Sarah Anderson
Joshua Meier
Asia Stewart