Board of Strategy

IRC Members: The annual 2014-2015 Board of Strategy survey can be found here.

The Board of Strategy is responsible for overseeing the long-term strategy of the IRC. This includes investigating, analyzing, and providing objective information and recommendations for the IRC and each of its programs, as well as developing new projects and programs. The IRC general membership is invited to attend Board of Strategy meetings.

The Board of Strategy is appointed by the IRC Board-of-Directors. The members of the 2014-2015 Board of Strategy are as follows:

Neha Dalal ’16 (Chief Strategist)
Mohammed Atallah ’16
Greg Dunn ’16
Shuya Gong ’17
Angel Jin ’17
Sophia Lugo ’17
Monica Mishra ‘17
Miga Ochir ‘17
Rohan Pidaparti ‘17
Alex Quinn ‘15
Toby Roper ‘17
Wright Smith ‘17
Layla Stahr ‘17
Jonathan Tan ‘17
Akshay Verma ‘17